AP and Honors

SUMMER WORK Textbooks and Assignments


Times the library will be open for honors/AP checkout in SUMMER 2017

  • August 1 -  4   8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • August 7 - 9    8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • August 10th and on  --  before and after school or when you are checking out textbooks for other classes.

              Bring your ID card ! 


    • APUSH (AP American History) Assignment checkout textbook America's History at library
    • WHAP (World History AP) Open Assignment in PDF OR Assignment in Word  no summer textbook checkout
    • AP Government Assignments checkout textbook American Politics Today and  the novel is "Things Fall Apart" at library
    • AP Eng 12 Assignment p.1Assignment p.2 (please note that this summer's novel is "Things Fall Apart" checkout at library)
    • AP Eng 11 Assignmentcheckout textbook  Language of Composition at library
    • Honors Eng 10 Assignment no summer textbook checkout
    • AP Calculus AB Assignmentscheckout textbook at library with a graphing calculator
    • AP Calculus BC assignment from Ms. Orr checkout textbook at library and renew your graphing calculator
    • Honors Algebra 2 no summer textbook checkout
    • Honors Precalculus Assignment checkout textbook at library
    • AP Chemistry Work and AP Chemistry Terms to Memorize checkout Modern Chemistry textbook at library
    • AP Physics Assignment hereno summer textbook checkout
    • AP Biology Assignmentno summer textbook checkout 
    • AP Spanish Assignmentno summer textbook checkout
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