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Principal's Message

August 7, 2023
Valley High School students, families, staff, and community members, welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! I have been calling this school year The Best School Year, Yet! I believe it will be one of the best because the Valley High staff has prepared for you! We are prepared to continue to do all that we can to prepare all of our students for college and career. We are prepared to welcome our Freshmen class to high school where they will be met with a warm community of teachers and classmates who are all part of our Freshman Voyage. 
We are prepared to continue to provide a rigorous academic environment for our Sophomores, our Juniors, and our Seniors. Students at these grade levels will continue to challenge themselves to meet the A-G college entrance requirements, enroll in AP and Honors courses, explore various CTE pathways and academies, engage with Industry partners through internships, and so much more. The entire staff is here to support the learning of all of our students as they grow and develop through the fun and challenges that define the high school experience.
Families, we are also prepared to welcome you to Valley High school as we partner with you to bring about the best outcomes for all of our students. We recognize that we cannot successfully do the work of educating your children without your help. Your children still need you,and we need you. Let’s work together to meet the social emotional and academic needs of all of our students. You are welcome to visit or call the office to learn about the various ways that you can be of help. 
As I look forward anticipating the great things to come in this school year, I am also aware that our community still faces many challenges. Many of the pending challenges are not unique to Valley, but are common across our nation; absenteeism, mental health issues, substance abuse, effects of the COVID pandemic, changes in family structure, and the influence of social media, just to name a few. As daunting as these challenges are, I still believe that we are Better Together! If we will remember to focus on the best daily outcomes; students should come to school every day, attend every class on time, complete every assignment, and connect with at least one trusted adult on campus, we will be one step closer to the best ultimate outcome; all students at Valley High school graduate college and career ready! Here we come 2023-2024, and we are coming ready!
Viking STRONG,
Mrs. Bridgette Kemp-Bell
Valley High School, Principal