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The Mission of AVID is to ensure that all students, especially students in middle abilities, are capable of completing a college-preparatory path. 

Students will:
  • succeed in rigorous curricula
  • enter mainstream activities of the school
  • increase their enrollment in four-year colleges and universities
  • become education and responsible participants/leaders in our society
AVID Purpose:  to restructure the teaching methods of an entire school and to provide open access to the curricula that will ensure four year-college eligibility for all students.
Why AVID Works:
  • AVID focuses on academic success of underachieving students as a school wide issue and towards access to rigorous courses for all
  • AVID training fosters excellence in teachers as a way to foster excellence in students
  • AVID reinforces the college-going culture by having high expectations for all
The AVID Student Profile: AVID is designed for students with academic potential who have:
  • average to high test scores
  • 2.0 - 3.5 GPA
  • college potential with
  • desire and determination
and meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • first in the family to attend college
  • low income
  • special circumstances
Where it is and How it Works:  The AVID program works within the regular school day and includes an elective class, trained tutors, and AVID teachers, focusing on college preparation, writing, inquiry and collaboration. 
A.V.I.D. Program 
  • AVID 09 
  • AVID 10
  • AVID 11 Junior Seminar
  • AVID 12 Senior Seminar 
A.V.I.D. Site Team 
León, Luis AVID Co-Coordinator, AVID 11/12
   Kemp- Bell, Bridgette Principal, AVID Site Administrator
Galenine, Erica Social Science/ AVID 11
Hardwicke, Chris Social Science Teacher/AVID 11
Bottoms, Lauren Social Science Teacher/AVID 10
Bering, Gavin Social Science Teacher/ AVID 10
Laine, Daniel AVID Admin
Burdette. Barbara Social Science Teacher/AVID 11
Delgado, Daniela 
English Teacher/AVID 9
Estrada, Sara Social Science Teacher/AVID 10