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Fire & Emergency Services Pathway

Fire and Emergency Services and Pathway
Fire Science
We are looking for strong, fearless, levelheaded recruits.  When there is a dangerous situation, are you one to go check it out and see if you can help?  Learn how to be a first responder—staying calm under pressure, even when in serious or dangerous situations. The culmination of the pathway is to provide discipline, self-awareness, and the strength that is needed to become a firefighter. For more information, see Mr. Ortiz in D-11
Valley High School is excited to offer a new Fire and Emergency Services Pathway! Through a partnership with the Sacramento Fire Department, students that complete the pathway program will have the opportunity to:
  • Receive college credit while attending Valley High School
  • Be career-ready to enter the Sacramento Fire Academy
  • Be mentored by Sacramento Fire Dept. Fire Fighters and/or Paramedics
  • Participate in work-site job shadowing and ride-alongs
  • Work-based learning opportunities and be mentored one-on-one with a fire-fighter and/or paramedic


  • Intro 1 Elective:  Fire and Emergency Responders:  Service Learning 
  • Intro 2:  Introduction to Fire and Emergency Services
  • Concentrator:  Fire and Emergency Medical Responder 
  • Capstone:  Fire and Emergency Services:  Senior Seminar