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School Board Student Member Voting

EGUSD Student Board Member Overview

EGUSD Student Board Member Overview

The Student Board Member functions as a preferential voting member and Student Advisor to the Superintendent and the EGUSD Board of Trustees. In addition to their regular duties, the Student Board Member provides the EGUSD Governing Body with information regarding student interests and concerns, and ideas, thereby enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of many school site and district programs.

Election Process:

  • The Student Board Member position shall be filled by a vote of students enrolled in the high school(s) in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Board.
  •  Each comprehensive high school and alternative high school will hold local school site elections. Site elections will align with ASB or other site elections. Sites will check student qualifications (grade level and GPA). Each comprehensive high school will select one candidate and one candidate will be selected from all alternative high schools.
  •  The recommended candidates will complete an application and be interviewed by the board. The Board will make the final selection.

Click the poster to see the candidates video:
Student Board Member