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VHS Mission


Valley High School will provide a supportive learning community that prepares all students for life, college, and career. 


The home of the Vikings where a highly diverse, multi-talented, creative, and resilient student body is embraced and challenged by an accepting, highly skilled, warm community of educators to become responsible, ethical citizens who are prepared for life, college, and career. 

A learning community where educational experiences require students to employ to use complex thinking skills to solve problems as individuals and as group members.

A place where we strive to create opportunities for students that will enhance their ability to engage and contribute their unique accomplishments and skills to a competitive, culturally diverse society. 


Continuous improvement of the teaching/learning cycle though reflective practices.

personal responsibility for creating healthy relationships with all student advocates

An outward mindset that encourages collaboration

A respectful, professional approach to conflict that leaders to workable solutions

A proactive, courageous position toward adverse societal attitudes and assumptions

A genuine effort to be open and inclusive of student voice